Hobby Update: High Elves


Hi again! As I mentioned in my introductory post, I am participating in a slow-grow Kings of War league put on by my local game store (shout-out to Critical Hit Games in Abingdon, MD!). When I say “participating,” I mean more “participating in spirit,” as I live about an hour away from the store, league days are on weeknights, which are nigh impossible for me to get to because, you know, kids. All this being said, I am very excited to participate in the league, it gives me a reason to grow my army collection as well as some cool models to paint.

I chose Elves for a number of reasons: they aren’t really represented in the local meta, there’s a lot of room for customization, they play differently than what I’m used to, and the paint scheme I had in mind was very different from what I typically do. I also drew a lot of inspiration from Swordmaster’s blog (shout-out to my Australian brother!) about playing a very different style than what I am used to: the multiple-small units list builds and accompanying strategies. Check out his blog here.

Because of monetary constraints, I decided to purchase many of the Island of Blood/Spire of Dawn High Elf models. I was able to pick up 2 sets for a very good price. Considering the models are plastic snap-together molds, they are still incredibly detailed, beautiful models. My journey on this project started roughly 4 weeks ago and here is what I have accomplished so far:

  • All models have been purchased. Along with the 2 High Elf Island of Blood kits, I bought 2 sets of 5 Dragon Princes, 2 High Elf Chariots, 10 additional Lothern Seaguard, and a set of 5 Dark Elf Cold One Knights that were converted into Drakon Riders (see below)
  • The Chariots and the Dragon Princes are still in the box and on the sprue. Everything else has been assembled and primed.
  • I LOVE mutibasing. All of the bases have been painted and flocked, ready for the finished models.
  • One troop of Silverbreeze Calvary has been completely painted finished



  •    One regiment of Drakon Riders has been completely painted and finished



I am currently working on painting the second regiment of Drakons, making some cool conversions for a horde of Drakons, and starting on the Drakon Rider Lord.

Yes, I do paint in my kids’ play room. It gets the best lighting, has the biggest TV, and has the comfy sofa.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll be sure to post another update soon. Take care!


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Finding the Time

Finding the Time

I work a full-time job which is 49 miles away from my home in a major east-coast city. My shift is 7 AM to 3:30 PM, so with travel time, I’m out of the house from 5:50 AM to 4:40 PM. My super-hero wife stays at home with my daughters, Boopsy (2 and a half) and Beans (6 months). So when I get home, I start my “second shift,” while Super Wife continues her 14 hour shift. Thus, the evening shift starts, which consists of: making dinner, convincing a very stubborn 2 and a half year old to eat what is on her plate before she can have dessert, cleaning up after dinner, managing temper tantrums, nursing boo-boos, opening juice boxes, wiping noses, changing diapers, managing demands for snacks, corralling toys, bathing sticky children, convincing said children that I’m just washing their hair, not ripping it out by the roots, as their screams suggest, dressing children in pajamas, brushing teeth (not ripping out teeth, as screams would suggest), reading books, watching countless episodes of Peppa Pig on the iPad, singing lullabies, before silently escaping a sleeping child’s room. All of this takes place in roughly a 3 hour time period. So what is left of the day is the time available to have adult conversations with Super Wife, catch up on current events (lately known as “what ridiculous thing has the orange-faced asshole said today?”), clean up the house, watch some television, THEN, sit down for some hobbying. Did I mention that I work a full-time job? Did I mention that my alarm goes off at 5:10 AM to accommodate my commute? Did I mention that I have 2 children under the age of 3, so contiguous sleep longer than, say 3 hours, just doesn’t happen?

I try to squeeze in some time for hobbying in all of this chaos each night. This may mean that my 5:10 alarm is even more less-welcome, but the enjoyment I get out of painting and hobbying is well worth it for me. I ask the other parent-gamers out there: how do you handle the multiple time commitments that come with parenting and still find time for hobbying?

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

First blog post

First blog post


This is my inaugural post in the Dice Dad blog. As such, I believe introductions are in order. I am the Dice Dad. Nice to meet you! I’m glad you’re here!

Because this is my first post of my first blog, I’m going to keep it simple: my current armies, collections, and projects. My main squeeze is Kings of War. I was introduced to the game way back in First Edition when several of my gaming friends were growing tired of 7th Edition Warhammer Fantasy. I currently have:

  • 5,000 points of Dwarfs
  • 3,500 points of Varangur
  • 3,500 points of Ogres
  • 2,000 points of Empire of Dust

I am participating in a slow-grow league at my local game store (shout out to Critical Hit Games in Abingdon, MD!), so my current project is an Elf army, which is in its infant stages.

I also enjoy the occasional game of Saga, the Dark Age (sometimes Crusade) skirmish game. I field Irish, Scot, and Crusader warbands.

So there ya have it. I hope you have and enjoyed and return for my further posts!