First blog post

First blog post


This is my inaugural post in the Dice Dad blog. As such, I believe introductions are in order. I am the Dice Dad. Nice to meet you! I’m glad you’re here!

Because this is my first post of my first blog, I’m going to keep it simple: my current armies, collections, and projects. My main squeeze is Kings of War. I was introduced to the game way back in First Edition when several of my gaming friends were growing tired of 7th Edition Warhammer Fantasy. I currently have:

  • 5,000 points of Dwarfs
  • 3,500 points of Varangur
  • 3,500 points of Ogres
  • 2,000 points of Empire of Dust

I am participating in a slow-grow league at my local game store (shout out to Critical Hit Games in Abingdon, MD!), so my current project is an Elf army, which is in its infant stages.

I also enjoy the occasional game of Saga, the Dark Age (sometimes Crusade) skirmish game. I field Irish, Scot, and Crusader warbands.

So there ya have it. I hope you have and enjoyed and return for my further posts!



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