Hobby Update: High Elves


Hi again! As I mentioned in my introductory post, I am participating in a slow-grow Kings of War league put on by my local game store (shout-out to Critical Hit Games in Abingdon, MD!). When I say “participating,” I mean more “participating in spirit,” as I live about an hour away from the store, league days are on weeknights, which are nigh impossible for me to get to because, you know, kids. All this being said, I am very excited to participate in the league, it gives me a reason to grow my army collection as well as some cool models to paint.

I chose Elves for a number of reasons: they aren’t really represented in the local meta, there’s a lot of room for customization, they play differently than what I’m used to, and the paint scheme I had in mind was very different from what I typically do. I also drew a lot of inspiration from Swordmaster’s blog (shout-out to my Australian brother!) about playing a very different style than what I am used to: the multiple-small units list builds and accompanying strategies. Check out his blog here.

Because of monetary constraints, I decided to purchase many of the Island of Blood/Spire of Dawn High Elf models. I was able to pick up 2 sets for a very good price. Considering the models are plastic snap-together molds, they are still incredibly detailed, beautiful models. My journey on this project started roughly 4 weeks ago and here is what I have accomplished so far:

  • All models have been purchased. Along with the 2 High Elf Island of Blood kits, I bought 2 sets of 5 Dragon Princes, 2 High Elf Chariots, 10 additional Lothern Seaguard, and a set of 5 Dark Elf Cold One Knights that were converted into Drakon Riders (see below)
  • The Chariots and the Dragon Princes are still in the box and on the sprue. Everything else has been assembled and primed.
  • I LOVE mutibasing. All of the bases have been painted and flocked, ready for the finished models.
  • One troop of Silverbreeze Calvary has been completely painted finished



  •    One regiment of Drakon Riders has been completely painted and finished



I am currently working on painting the second regiment of Drakons, making some cool conversions for a horde of Drakons, and starting on the Drakon Rider Lord.

Yes, I do paint in my kids’ play room. It gets the best lighting, has the biggest TV, and has the comfy sofa.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll be sure to post another update soon. Take care!


  • Dice Dad

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